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You may have seen my resume and experience on the main page. I love to expand on my experiences beyond what you've seen on my resume. Below are my last two experiences that have helped shape me professionally!


Technical Consultant,

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At, I continue my work as a technical consultant. I work with several firms as a leverage the cutting-edge tools, methodologies, and technologies available to modernize their audit & accounting practice workflows.


My consulting efforts have focused around the OnPoint A&A Audit Suite, which utilizes the CaseWare Cloud platform to increase productivity in employee benefit plan engagements (OnPoint EBP), preparation, compilation, and review engagements (OnPoint PCR), engagement collaboration (OnPoint Collaborate) and data analytics (OnPoint AnalyticsAI). 


As the lead technical consultant supporting the OnPoint A&A Audit Suite, I bring about best practice recommendations, project management, and implementation resources. Furthermore, the discipline of change management is also carefully utilized through the consulting engagement to support not only the technology aspect of the change but the people and processes that will be impacted as well. 


Additionally – and, might I say, excitedly – I am also involved with firms as they look to embrace the audit of tomorrow through the Dynamic Audit Solution initiative from the AICPA and The project, in a partnership with CaseWare Cloud as the host, aims to utilize technology (especially artificial intelligence), methodology, standards, and new skills to transform the audit engagement of the future. 


Supporting activities for the DAS initiative include calls with participating firms to review the progress and development of the DAS program, assessing the need for change management activities to help the firms support the change, and providing consulting and support resources through the MVP and initial release of the program. As the program continues to evolve, comprehensive consulting, training, and learning resources will be developed; I’m excited to hold an integral role in these activities and further advancing the accounting profession in doing so.


Technical Consultant and Trainer, Thomson Reuters

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At Thomson Reuters, I worked with several accounting and auditing firms in workflow upgrades to their process. I specialized in solutions bringing efficiencies to the utilization of audit methodology.


Some firms’ audit and assurance planning process revolved around them moving from paper to a more digital-based workflow. The typical firm in this situation would be looking to move from more of a traditional binder and checklist approach to utilizing a digitized engagement binder solution as well as a digitized methodology approach to planning out their engagement binders.


Firms looking to simply convert the standard checklist approach could utilize Checkpoint Tools, which takes the traditional checklists and practice aids found in PPC’s audit and assurance guidance and brings them into an editable format with specialized plug-ins and macros that bring these documents to life in digital format in Microsoft Word and Excel.


In efforts to bring about greater efficiencies in their audit and assurance workflow, firms entrusted both SMART Practice Aids (desktop/server) and Checkpoint Engage (cloud). These solutions take the expert authorship and guidance from the PPC audit and assurance guidance and empower it further in solutions that leverage the use of workflow software to custom-tailor programs and procedures for audits, reviews, compilations, and financial statement preparation engagements.


In support of the PPC product line, I consulted and trained hundreds of firms on PPC products (Checkpoint Tools, SMART, and Checkpoint Engage), serving as one of the subject matter experts in the development of consulting and training resources for these products.


Examples of tasks supporting the successful enablement of the PPC product line include:


  • Delivery of over 1,000 customer trainings and webinars virtually while providing an interactive, personalized customer experience;

  • Delivery of several private consulting and training engagements for CPA firms moving to a new solution from the PPC suite of products;

  • Authorship of several best practice documents, checklists, and how-to guides;

  • Consulting firms on which workflow solutions were best fit to satisfy their needs;

  • Creation of live, instructor-led courses for user learning on software training

  • Development of e-learning courses and instructional videos on PPC products

  • Collaboration with sales, product management, and technical support to provide an outstanding customer experience